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About Me

Yes, I come from the infamous millennial generation. We are inheriting a massive amount of debt and a plethora of complex issues that need to be solved. I am thankful for the previous generations of Americans that have created many of the great things we enjoy today. That being said, it is time the next generation shoulders these issues. It is our responsibility now. The stakes are high and I am all in. I look forward to being a steady hand at the wheel for Washington.

I have taken on public service in many forms throughout my life; as an enlisted Soldier, an Army Officer, a Deputy Sheriff and a wildland firefighter. What all these jobs had in common was the instilled responsibility and obligation to put the lives and well being of others before myself. This responsibility to true public service seems unheard of in today’s political realm.

Frustrated by the lack of meritocracy in the public sector, I moved into the private sector with no business knowledge, no money, and never having worked for a private company in my life.  It was a torturous yet rewarding time as I bootstrapped an idea into the fastest growing security firm on the west coast. In 18 months I had established a multimillion dollar company.

Now, it is time I give back to my home state of Washington. With complex issues facing the world, it is time for new solutions and a new era of politics. Vote for me and let me shoulder these issues as we move forward into a bright future.

Asa's Top Issues

Lower Taxes

Washingtonians’ tax burden is too high and it’s getting higher every year.  The current rate of government spending is unsustainable and will lead to economic crash and instability if it continues.  This issue resonates deeply with me as my generation, and future generations, will have to inherit the massive debt the last few decades of overspending have created.  I am running for Governor so that I can get to work and fix this cumbersome issue before it becomes too much to handle.

If you follow me on social media you will know that I feel strongly about lowering taxes.  A society with low taxes has increased entrepreneurship, a booming economy, lower unemployment, higher innovation, creativity… oh yeah, and freedom.

Easy Access to Entrepreneurship

This should be a priority for every politician, but it’s not, and that is worrisome.  Without entrepreneurship, innovation stagnates, monopolies are created, competition goes down, no new jobs are created and public services dwindle from the lack of taxes due to a shrinking economy.

As someone who has started a business in Washington from the ground up, I know firsthand that the current system disproportionately discourages the poor from starting businesses.  The mass amounts of taxes and government compliance make it nearly impossible for people without lots of money to start a company.  Entrepreneurship is a rich man’s game in Washington, but it does not need to be this way.

I will fight to lift the burdens and ease access to entrepreneurship by integrating technology and removing regulations on the creative, young, ambitious minds in Washington.  Let’s allow everyone to create and thrive, not just the wealthy.  By allowing Washingtonians access to the innovations from the brightest minds the state has to offer, we all win.

Public Private Partnerships

Public private partnerships (P3) are the way of the future.  They will create the building and maintenance of public infrastructure by private funds, consensually. This is in opposition to raising taxes like we have done for too long.  Instead of taxing the rich more, this allows them to voluntarily give money to the important projects.  It’s a consensual transaction that will allow for more efficient government services.

 Let me give an example of creating a new bridge to alleviate traffic:  The public sector would be the party that notices the need for the project and decides on the location and reason for the project.  Through various different systems, a private company would be selected to manage and complete the project.  The private company would fund the entire project and be paid back by the tolls and fees associated with the bridge.  They would be placed in charge of maintenance for an agreed upon length of time, say 30 years. The public would own the bridge while the private company would maintain and own the profits.  It is a simple win-win.

In more ambitious P3 models I have created, no tolls or fees would be collected and instead private companies would find value by getting to promote their business on their stretch of highway or bridge.  They would receive marketing value and the ability to create an impacting legacy that the public would get to use.

FAQ's and Other Issues

2nd Amendment

I have no plans to regulate firearms.  I have never voted for any regulations on firearms.  As for the constitutionality of laws being passed, the lines are gray.  Even with readings of the federalist papers and other origin documents, the depth written in the constitution is not there to cover the nuance of modern life.  As Governor, I would read every piece of legislation that came across my desk with an open mind.  I am not dogmatic in my approach and will do what is best for the people of Washington.  To be clear, I would find myself hard-pressed to find a piece of firearm legislation that I would enact into law.  The constitution is an enormously important document and I would abide by it and preserve it – both the state and federal documents.

Health Care

Following all the common trends of my campaign, the logical solution to creating higher quality, cheaper services is competition.  Competition is created by the free market and private health care will always have a cheaper price tag at the end of the day after all the books are balanced.

Remember, there is no such thing as free health care. This is a dangerous misnomer as everything has cost and someone has to pay for it.  If you do not have to pay for it, just remember that somebody else does.  And just because you are not paying at the door, does not mean you are not paying for the services elsewhere.

The military and VA are known for having notoriously slow services which I know about from personal experience.  Washingtonians deserve quality health care without inflated costs and that is why I am fighting for private health care.


The changing climate is an issue that my generation will have to solve.  Washington is and will remain at the forefront of maintaining the health of the environment.  The difficulty with the climate impact is that it occurs on a global stage.  We are all stewards of this earth.  Washingtonians should not be responsible for sharing an over burden of costs associated with this dilemma.

The solutions for a sustainable environment will inevitably come from the private sector.  Take phones, cars, or any other technological advancement.  They all came from private innovation; governments do not create new products.  The solution to the climate crisis is to allow private innovation to flourish and then be implemented into the governmental sector as appropriate.

Any legislation related to the climate that comes across my desk will be weighed on the metrics of the tax burden on Washingtonians and the net positive result for the environment.  No bill will be pencil whipped and signed by me.

As Governor, I intend to use my power as a figurehead to promote private companies to focus energy and resources to finding solutions to environmental issues.  This promotion will be through speech and vision- not governmental action.  You can NOT regulate your way to a cleaner and brighter future.

Data Rights and Artificial Intelligence

Data rights is a topic that I would like to introduce into the conversation.  I am adamant that more conversations and research need to go into this before any governmental action.  The biggest players in this are large tech companies that house data and provide useful services and apps for all of us.

Allow me to lay the framework.  Companies store all your information in order to provide better and more accurate services – an example of this is google maps and Facebook’s content algorithms.  These companies have mass profiles on each user that allow them to know you intimately.  They know how you vote, what frustrates you, what you listen to when you are feeling down, or where you drop your kids off at soccer practice.  These data profiles will continue to grow and questions have been raised on who should own the data.  The downside to having people own their own data, is that services that are now free will have to monetize in other ways.  Would you pay for Facebook?  This would drastically interfere with the free market and either businesses would have to change their profit models or the services would become slow and inaccurate.

Companies storing and having access to all our data is vital to the development of Artificial Intelligence.

As Governor I will create the Artificial intelligence Committee of Ethics (AICE).  The committee will be comprised of those at the forefront of the technology in Washington as well as leaders of the companies who are creating these products.  This will not use taxpayers dollars as it will be an informal group. While there are currently think tanks, wargaming these strategies, governments and private sector leaders need to work more closely. The intent is to create solutions before there are massive issues instead of playing catch up as is commonplace.

Got Questions? Ideas?

Drop me a line!

Got Questions? Ideas?

Drop me a line!